Frequently asked questions

What is store payment and deposit policy?

We accept all major credits cards, personal checks, cash, and money order. Please make your payment to SG Home Interiors, Inc. Please refer to Payment and Installation Policies on our website for more information about payment and deposit policy.

How expensive is granite countertop? 

We offer low and very affordable prices for our granite and kitchen cabinetry. We don't have any hidden cost, hidden mark-ups or various additions to the price. Each item purchased can be fully explained. Our granite starts at 41.00 per sqft installed. Please contact our office for more price related questions.

How can I get a quote from your company? 

Please use our Quote Request link on the website and provide us with all possible information so we can provide you our price estimate. You can also send us an email or fax us our drawing at 216-220-6545 with all the information about your space including pictures and drawing. If you decide to come to our showroom for an estimate and to check out our product availability please bring your measurements, drawings, other current quotes, dimensions of the cabinets etc. so we can determine your space and give you the price.

What are the order process steps with your company?

Firstly, we would to obtain some measurements for your desired improvement space. As we do trust your personal measurement that you might take at home yourself, we will still re-measure the space to avoid any mistakes in granite cut out. You would need to choose the granite color at that time for more correct price estimate.  Once that is done, we will work on your product preparations and assembly. We will contact you when that part is done to schedule an installation time and date that fits best in your schedule.



Q. Will I see or feel the seams in my countertop?  A.  Seams on granite that are darker in color and they are NOT invisible. However on a consistent pattern the seam blends in nicely with the pattern and it is hard to see it. We work hard on getting a seam to be as thin as possible and we use special seam setter to tighten each seam as close as possible for best results. The color of the seam is determined by the granite that is chosen. The cabinet level is imperative for the seam to be smooth. Fabricators do the best job possible to get the seam as smooth as possible with some polishing techniques. Seams in natural stone vs. a man-made product are different in touch.

 Q. Is granite from certain countries considered better than other? A. Granite is produced by nature the same way regardless of the country of origin.  It is the manufacturing process that reveals the true beauty of the granite.

Q. Should I be concerned about radon in my stone countertops?  A. No. There is not one research study which shows a single stone that poses any significant health threat.  There has be extensive scientific studies on this subject, many funded by and supervised by the U.S. government that confirm there is no meaningful risk. Visit for the latest information and studies on radon.

Q. Why should I choose granite for my house?  A. Granite is unique and creates a one-of-a-kind environment in your home. Granite can dramatically transform any room or outdoor space. Its natural beauty and     durability make it an excellent investment, even when  selling your home.

Q. Isn’t granite expensive?  A. As the process of quarrying granite has improved, the price has become more affordable. Granite is more durable than a man-made product; therefore, it is a better value in the long term.

Q. Why is one particular granite more expensive than others?  A. The price  of granite is determined by it’s color, pattern, movement and country of origin.  Availability can also be a factor when  determining the cost.

Q. Is it better to get a lighter color than a darker color?  A. The color and pattern is a matter of taste and the type of look you are trying to achieve.

Q. What are the advantages of granite over man-made products?  A. Granite is produced by nature which results in a variety of colors and characteristics.  It will retain it’s beauty for many years and will never go out of style.  Man-made products are very repetitive and artificial looking.  Overtime they will wear and lose their appeal.

Q. Where in my house can I use granite?  A. Granite can be used any where the heart desires.  Most common places are: kitchens, bathrooms, bar areas, fireplaces, sills & thresholds.  Granite can be cut-to-size for almost any space or project.

Q. Is granite a hygienic surface?  A. Granite is not a habitable environment where bacteria could live and grow. Minerals found in granite are toxic to most bacteria.

Q. Can granite scratch?  A. Granite is an extremely hard surface and will not scratch under normal use.  Though it is possible to scratch granite if it is subjected to sufficient force.  

Q. Will granite chip or crack?  A. Under normal kitchen conditions, you should not have a problem with chipping or cracking.  You must be careful not to drop heavy or hard objects onto the granite surface.   Standing or sitting on the granite is not recommended  either.  Though if you do experience a crack or chip this can usually be repaired.

Q. Can granite stain?  A. After granite countertops are installed, they are sealed.  The sealer acts as a shield by preventing     liquids from being absorbed.  It is recommended that all spills be cleaned up immediately.  If you do notice a stain there are products that will lift the stain out.  Be extra cautious with red wines and oils.

Q. Can I cut on my granite countertops?  A. Yes, you can actually use granite as a cutting board, though it will quickly dull your knives.  

 Q. Can I place hot pots on my granite countertop?  A. Yes, though it is not recommended.  When placing a hot pot on a granite countertop you risk damaging the seal.  It is recommended to use hot plates and trivets when cooking. 

Q. Do you disconnect or reconnect appliances, plumbing or electrical? A. Unfortunately we are no licensed to do this type of work. You will have to schedule your own disconnection and reconnection with a licensed professional.